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Joyce Gibney is the founder of Nutrition Harmony, a Fairfield, CT based holistic health practice. She is a certified holistic nutritionist.  Her philosophy is rooted in whole food nutrition as she guides her clients in making essential nutrition and lifestyle choices that boost their energy, reduce stress, reverse disease and enhance overall health and well-being.

An integral part of her practice involves helping clients develop a greater spiritual awareness, something she believes is critical in preventing and healing many life threatening and chronic illnesses. Joyce studied Eastern/Western nutrition and health counseling at the renowned NYC  Institute for Integrative Nutrition (affiliated with Columbia University).   She has extensive experience healing those with life threatening diseases.

Her passion for the healing properties of food were sparked by her life transformational experience living in Europe and South America. Joyce studied the medicinal and health benefits of in season whole foods, super-foods, powerful herbs, sea vegetables, and high quality oils.  This combined with the soulful art of living a balanced life are the key to your longevity. Joyce is the resident nutritionist for the YMCA of Westport, CT where she regularly gives seminars on the benefits of healthy eating to members of all age groups. She makes her home in Fairfield, CT with her husband and two very athletic teenage sons.

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